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123 Blocks

30 International Tooling

4 Jaw Chuck Centaliser

40 International Tooling

Albrecht Chuck Spares

Angle Dressers

Angle Heads

Angle Plates

Arbor Press

Arbor Spacing Collars  

Arbors : Chuck

Arbors : Chuck : BT

Arbors : Face Mill

Arbors : Slitting Saw

Automatic Centre Punch 

Backplates : Chuck


Bar Puller

Base Jaws 

Bench Grinders

Bench Shears

Between Centres Boring Bars 

Bore Gauges

Boring Bar Sleeves

Boring Bars : Between Centres 

Boring Heads

Boring Tools

Brazed Lathe Tools

Bridgeport Interact Tooling

Broaching Heads

Broaching Sets

BT Tooling

Calipers : Digital 

Camlock Studs

Carbide Burrs

Carbide Jaw Grips

Capstan Sockets

Carbide Inserts : Milling 

Carbide Inserts  : Turning 

Centre Drills

Centre Punches 

Centres : Bullnose 

Centres : Dead

Centres : Revolving

Chuck Arbors

Chuck Cylinders 

Chuck Guards

Chuck Jaws Adjustagrip

Chuck Jaws : Hard Inside

Chuck Jaws : Hard Outside

Chuck Jaws : Hard Reversible : Independent

Chuck Jaws : Hard Top Reversible

Chuck Jaws : Index a Hex

Chuck Jaws : Soft Scroll

Chuck Jaws : Soft Serrated

Chuck Jaws : Soft : Cross Tenon 

Chuck Keys

Chuck Operating Screws

Chuck Pinions 

Chuck Removal Wedges

Chuck Scrolls

Chuck Spares 

Chucks 2 Jaw Self Centring

Chucks 3 Jaw Self Centring

Chucks 4 Jaw Self Centring

Chucks 4 Jaw Independent

Chucks 6 Jaw Self Centring

Chucks : Collet

Chucks : Combination 

Chucks : Drill Grinding

Chucks : Lever Scroll

Chucks : Machine Centre

Chucks : Power

Chucks : Quickchange 

Chucks : Rotating Tailstock

Clamping Components : Coupling Nuts

Clamping Components : Fixture Nuts

Clamping Components : Flange Nuts

Clamping Components : Step Blocks

Clamping Components : Studs

Clamping Components : Tee Bolts

Clamping Components : Tee Nuts

Clamping Components : Washers

Clamping Kits


Clamps : Toggle

Clamps : Toolmakers 

Collet Chucks : ER : Straight Shank

     30 Int

     40 Int


     Din 2080

     Din 69871


     Morse Taper


Collet Fixtures


Collets 173E

Collets 4728 (B42)

Collets 4291 (B60) 

Collets 3C

Collets 4C

Collets 5C

Collets 16C

Collets Cutter Grinder

Collets Din 

Collets Double Angle

Collets ER

Collets KM

Collets Morse Taper

Collets Multibore

Collets Multibore Spares 

Collets Multisize

Collets OZ

Collets Posilock

Collets R8 

Collets Rubberflex

Collets SK 

Collets Ward

Collets TG

Compound Milling Tables

Coolant Hose 

Coolant Pumps

Counterbore Cutters

Countersink Cutters

Coventry Die Heads

Coventry Die Head Chasers 

Cutting Oil

Deburring Machines

Deburring Tools & Blades


Dial Gauges

Dial Test Indicators 

Die Holder : Tailstock

Die Stocks

Dieheads : Coventry


Digital Calipers

Digital Readouts

Digital Scale Units

DIN 2080 Tooling 

Dividing Heads 

Dividing Plates 

Dovetail Cutters

Draw Bars : R8 

Draw Bars : 40 Int

Drill Chuck Arbors : BT

Drill Chuck Arbors : QC

Drill Chuck Keys

Drill Chuck Removal Wedges 

Drill Chucks : Key

Drill Chucks : Keyless

Drill Drifts

Drill Grinding Chucks

Drill Sets

Drill Sleeves

Drill Sleeves : Extension

Drill Sleeves : Open Ended

Drill Sharpener


Edge Finders 

Easy Change Tooling

End Mills

End Mill Holders 

ER Collet Chucks

ER Nuts & Spanners 

Expanding Mandrells

Face Mill Arbors 

Faceplate Jaws

FC3 Cutters

Floating Reamer Holders

Fount Sets

Fly Cutters

Gauge Blocks

Gauges : Bore

Gauges : Dial

Gauges : Telescopic

Granite Surface Plates

Grinding Accesories 

Grinding Wheel Balancers 


Gripper Inserts

Grippex Bar Puller

Guards : Machine 

Height Gauges

Height Setter

Helicoil Taps

Helicoils Inserts

Helicoil Thread Repair Kits 


Hydraulic Cylinders 

Hydraulic Press 


Keyway Broaches

Kitagawa Base Jaws 

Knurling Tools

Lamps : Machine


Lathe Accessories 

Lathe Centres : Bullnose 

Lathe Centres : Dead

Lathe Centres : Revolving

Lathe Guards 

Lathe Sockets

Lathe Tools : Brazed

Lathe Tools : Indexable Insert

Letter Punches 


Lever Scroll Chucks

Lifting Cranes

Lifting Magnets 

Loc-Line Coolant Hose

Long Milling Arbors 

Machine Guards

Machine Lamps

Machining Centre Chucks

Machine Vices 

Magnetic Chucks For Grinding 

Magnetic Chucks For Milling 

Magnetic Chucks For Turning

Magnetic Sine Tables

Magnetic Tools

Metal Folder 

Micro Mill 

Micrometers : Depth

Micrometers : External

Milling Accessories

Milling Arbors 

Milling Chucks 

Milling Cutters : Carbide Insert

Milling Cutters : HSS & Carbide 

Milling Machines

Morse Taper Tooling

Myford Tooling

Multibore Collet Spares 

Number Punches 


Peatol Precision Lathe  

Pin Gauges

Posi-lock Milling Chucks

Power Feed Attachments 

Precision Lathe  

Precision Vices


Punch Formers




QC30 & 40 Tooling

Quick Change Tooling : Easychange

Quickchange Toolpost Dickson 

Quickchange Toolpost Mulifix Type

R8 Tooling

Radius Dressers

Radius Gauges


Reduction Sleeves

Right Angle Attachments 

Roller Boxes

Rotary Tables

Rotating Centres

Rotating Tailstock Chucks


Screwdriver Bits

Screwdriver Bit Sets

Shears : Bench

Shell Mill Arbors 

     30 Int

     40 Int


     Din 2080


     Morse Taper

Side Lock Holders 

     Din 2080


Sine Bars

Sine Plates

Sine Vices

Sleeves : Drill

Sleeves : Open Ended

Slip Gauges

Slitting Saw Arbors 

Soft Jaws : Scroll




Spindle Tooling

Straight Edges

Steam Plates 

Slot Drills

Sockets : Lathe

Tailstock Chuck

Tailstock Dieholder

Tailstock Sensitive Drill Attachment


Tap Wrenches  

Tapping Fluid 

Tapping Heads


Taps : BA

Taps : BSB (British Standard Brass)

Taps : BSF (British Standard Fine)

Taps : BSW (British Standard Whitworth)

Taps : BSPT (British Standard Pipe Taper)

Taps : BSCY (British Standard Cycle)

Taps : BSP (British Standard Pipe)

Taps : Helicoil

Taps : Metric Course, Fine

Taps : Metric Machine Nut & Long Series Taps

Taps : Metric Oversize

Taps : ME (Model Engineer)

Taps : NPT & NPTF (American National Pipe Taper)

Taps : NPS & NPSF (National Pipe Size)

Taps : PG (Panzergewinde, Conduit Thread)

Taps : Trapezoidal

Taps : UNC (Unified Course)

Taps : UNF (Unified Fine)

Taps : UNEF (Unified Extra Fine)

Taps : UNJF

Taps : UNS (Unified Threaqd Standard)

Taps : Combination Drill & Tap

Tee Nuts : Chuck

Tee Slot Cutters

Test Bars

Thread Gauges

Thread Repair Kits 

Thread Rolls

Thread Rolling Heads

Tilting Tables 

Tool Setting Fixture

Tool Storage 


Toolholders Quick Change 

Toolmakers Clamps

Toolmakers Tool Chest


Toolpost Keys

Toolpost Spares

Torque Wrenches


V-Coil Thread Repair Kits

VDI Tooling

Vee Blocks : Cast Iron

Vee Blocks : Precision

Vee Angle Plates

Welding Clamps : Magnetic

Wheel Balancers

Wheel Dressers


Woodruff Cutters 

Work Catcher 

Zero Setter








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Jumbo Combination Spanner 80mm
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M112 Metric Slip Gauges Grade 2 Workshop
M112 Metric Slip Gauges Grade 2 Workshop
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Noga S10 Deburring Blades & Handle
Noga S10 Deburring Blades & Handle

Lyndon Drill Set HSS-Co 1-13mm x 0.5mm
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Torx Key Set T10-T50 Tamperproof 9 Piece Short Series
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