250mm Bison 4 Jaw D1-4 Independent Chuck

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Bison 250mm 4 Jaw D1-4 Independent Chuck Type 4344

These chucks feature jaws that are individually adjustable, to allow firm gripping of irregular shaped work and the four jaws allow a square component to be perfectly centred to the chuck while achieving maximum gripping force.

Body : High quality cast iron. 

Jaws : Made of high quality carbon steel, hardened.

Thrust Bearing : Case hardened steel

Operating screws : Case hardened steel.

Bore = 65mm  

Suppied with one set of hard reversible jaws, chuck key and mounting screws.

We have a few of these chucks on offer that were sold to 600 lathes and have a Colchester badge on them in place of the Bison. They have a few staines on them caused by the oil that they have been coated in.  

Part Number 7-850-254    4344-250-4

For full specifications please click here

4 Jaw Chucks 


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