Electronic Height Zero Setter 50mm

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Vertex Electronic Height Zero Setter 50mm

Tool height pre-setters provide fast, high accuracy measuring solutions – and have been designed for 'right first time' machining. Eliminating the need for test and trial cuts – and, as a consequence, a potential loss in production. Height pre-setters are used to measure workpiece reference points and tooling off-set values quickly and efficiently. Tool height pre-setters can be used on lathes and machining centres.

The LED tool setter has a red LED light to indicate contact of the tool, this can be confirmed as the tool is raised off the tool setter again winding the Z axis manually, up & down.

It has a spring loaded pad, so over run does not damage the tool cutting edge. 
50mm High

50mm Diameter

Accuracy within 0.005mm

Part Number HP-50Z


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