03) Arm Type Air Tapping Unit M3 - M8 1600mm Reach

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Vertex Arm Type Air Tapping Unit M3 - M8


Air tapping spindle
Parallel arm
Table mounting column
Air combination
Choose any six safety clutch tapping adapters
Rapid positoning and high machining speedincrease productivity.
Lower tap damage rate, high thread accuracy.
Tap shall never break for tapping through-hole or  blind-hole.
Tapping for heavier workpiece requires neither positioning equipments nor movement or large work area.
Lower machining cost  than that by CNC maghine,drilling machine or manual tapping operation.
Drilling to max: 6mm diameter
Easy operation, no experience or strength required.
Without stand plate.
Air pressure: 6~8 kgs/cm3
VAT-08/12 series require: 5HP compressor
VAT-16/20 series require: 10HP compressor


Tap Size M3 - M8
Tap Collet TC-312
Speed 700rpm
Weight 16.9 Kgs

Part Number VAT-1608

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