Starrett Edge Finder Double Ended Imperial

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Starrett Edge Finder


Work surfaces may be located easily, quickly and accurately with these edge finders. Work with flat, straight edges, shoulders, grooves, round work, studs, dowels or center points and scribed lines – all can be accurately located with this handy tool. Body and contacts are made of tool steel, hardened, ground and lapped to close tolerances for diameter and concentricity.

How To Use

Edge finders are easy to use. They are placed in a collet or chuck. The worktable is
then traversed to obtain contact between the rotating edge finder and the work. Contact will shift to concentric position relative to the body and with very slight additional table adjustment, will move off center with a decided wobble. At this point,
the center of the finder is exactly one-half the diameter of the contact from the work
edge, permitting accurate location for other machining operations relative to the edge.


0.500" body diameter
0.200" diameter contact & point

Part Number 827B



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