00) Micro Lathe Kit with 3 Jaw Chuck

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Micro Lathe Kit with 3 Jaw Chuck

The MicroLathe II is a machine you don't have to baby. It is a rugged and precision machine. The MicroLathe II has a machined, ground and stabilized steel bed. It has two sealed ball bearings in its spindle, coupled with a six speed positive vee belt drive. The spindle speeds are set in a geometric progression from 525 to 5200 RPM. A precision machine with the capabilities to 'HOG' 1/8 inch cuts in mild steel yet 'Dust' a few tenths, make the MicroLathe II a very versatile machine.

Some big lathe features include large 0.001 inch graduations on the cross slide dial, adjustable tool post and carriage depth stop. With adjustable brass gibs providing full compensation for carriage and cross slide wear, it all adds up to the BEST VALUE in small lathes!


Overall working accuracy 0.0005 in.
Max. headstock normality to bed 0.0004 in.
Max. taper bed dovetails over pins 0.0001 in.
Cross slide screw 1/4 – 20
Max. spindle speed recommended 7000 RPM
Length of headstock on ways 2.625 in.
Width of cross slide on carriage 2.000 in.
Maximum bearing runout 0.0004 in.
Max.cross slide normality to bed 0.0004 in.
Cross slide dial graduation 0.001 in.
Carriage travel 0.600 in. per 1 rev. of handwheel.
Pulley type std. 5/8 in. bore multi-step vee belt.
Length of carriage on ways 3.250 in.
Bed dovetails 45 deg.


Max. turning dia. 4.5 in. (extendable to 6.5 in.)
Swing over cross slide 2.375 in.
Overall length of bed 15.5 in.
Overall length of lathe 16.5 in.
Tool bit size standard 1/4 in.
Max Drill chuck capacity 1/2 in.
Distance between centers 9.75 in. (with tailstock).
Carriage travel 9.0 in.
Cross slide travel 1.75 in.


Sealed precision ball bearing
Bearing OD 1.5748 in., ID 0.6692 in.
Spindle nose 3/4 in. – 16 (3/4 in. SAE)
Spindle hole 0.343 in.
Spindle ID taper 15 deg (30 deg included)
Max. collet diameter 9/32 in.
Pulley size 5/8 in bore.


Part Number K1019-3


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